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The best vocal development tool, reimagined.

Multi-functionality has been a core design principle since the beginning, so we decided to take that up a notch. We have spent the last year evolving our flagship Resono Pro into sometihng even more special, and we believe it is the best vocal development kit to date.

The Pro Kit v2.0 now includes 2 Resonos - the standard Resono that you've come to love, and a new wearable - the Resono Go. Both fully compatible with all the amazing attachments.

We've completely revised the VARA to make it even more effective in a much lighter package too, and we've also redesigned the "bend piece" into a new multifunctional respiratory exploration tool.

Sing with ease. Recover tired vocal folds. Gain vocal power without straining. Increase vocal range. Reduce vocal fatigue. Achieve faster vocal warmups. Adjust breathing for relaxation. Reduces anxiety.

Physics meets voice science

We've run 1000s of simulations exploring the vocal benefits of our devices, and we've built a brand new mathematical model that allows us to accurately determine the back-pressure offered by any configuration of the Resono, singing straw, or regular straw.

Small but MIGHTY

From one small device comes so much power. With our patent-pending design, you get a huge back-pressure range, from 1 cmH2O to 30 cmH2O and beyond.

The graph represents some of our favourite options. There's so many, we couldn't fit them all on.

Revolutionary Resono vs. standard straws

One size does not fit all. Everyone will need a slightly different amount of resistance, meaning a different sized straw. Other singing straws on the market only offer a fixed length and diameter, so they can only offer a single fixed resistance. Our tools offer multi-resistance from a single device, meaning you only need one, and anyone can use it

Trusted by the Pros

Our vocal development tools are used by Singers and Professional Voice Users from over 40 countries around the globe, as well as by Broadway, West End, and Television/Film Stars; from shows like Les Miserable, Wicked, Hamilton, Frozen, Phantom of the Opera, Hadestown, Cabaret, and so many more!


"I used this every day before I went on as Veronica in Heathers!"

Jenna Innes

West End Performer


"This is a game changer for vocal warmup."

Matt Lucas

West End Performer / Comedian


"It is the absolute holy grail to singing... It really helps with the fluidity of voice."

Dean John Wilson

West End Performer


"Thank you for revolutionising my warmup!"

Carrie Hope Fletcher

West End Performer

Sing like never before

Simply incorporate your Resono into your daily vocal training routine, and easily create new habits, build muscle strength, coordination, and efficiency that lasts a lifetime.

You can truly build the voice you want; eliminate voice cracks, achieve better vocal fold closure, avoid strain and vocal tension, improve your breath control, and sustain notes for longer and more efficiently. All from one device.

You can even do it on the train!


Why are we doing a pre-order?

All of our products are made to order with our partnering facilities and they set out a minimum order quantity which makes it viable and cost effective for them to produce for us. In order for us to reach the thresholds we have to place an order for the total quantity needed in advance. As you might imagine, this is quite expensive as everything is custom made - so we decided to adopt a "Kickstarter style" pre-order system to manage costs and to ensure we can deliver the best possible products to you.

With your pre-order, you pay 50% up front today, and then the balance toward the end of August. This ensures we can fairly pay our factories and workers to make the Pro Kits for you. As a thank you for your trust and support, we're offering several additional tiered "perks" which offers you additional value with something extra!

When will my product ship?

Our facilities take around 45 days to produce the Pro Kits, quality check everything, assemble and pack all the kits, and then ship them to our office. From there we need some time to finalise the inventory, add the instruction manuals, and then pack and ship individual orders.

We are estimating that shipping will begin in September. We will confirm exact shipping times as we get closer to finalising production.

If you have purchased multiple items along side your pre-order items, then all items will ship together one time.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

You can cancel your pre-order at any time. However, please note that the 50% deposit (the initial payment taken for your order) is non-refundable. For transparency, this is because every Pro Kit is made to order, and your deposit is directly passed onto our factories and workers. Please make sure you are happy to wait until September to receive your order.

What's the difference between this and the original Pro Kit?

The original Resono Pro featured a Standard Resono + its case, as well as the v1.0 VARA, the Alignment Angle (for water bubbling) and the silicone mouth piece.

The Resono Pro v2.0 also features the standard Resono (but no its metal case), and also now includes our new wearable Resono Go. The kit comes with a v2.0 VARA, as well as a new Spinner attachment that also doubles as the Alignment Angle too. The kit also includes the silicone mouth piece.

When you directly compare features - the original Pro Kit had 1 Resono and 3 attachments that could be interchanged. Whereas the new Resono Pro v2.0 features 2 types of Resono and 2 single-purpose attachments, and 1 multi-purpose attachment (which in essence gives 4 "attachment" combos).

Why is the Pro Kit v2.0 more expensive than the original?

The v2.0 Kit is more feature rich than the original with a new type of Resono included, a new attachment, and improved old attachments. The manufacturing methods we use is also now improved over the original, which in turn has improved the durability and quality of the products overall.

Due to the cost of the new parts and the prerequisite costs of development, as well as the cost of the patents and other IP, we feel it is fair to sell the product at a higher price point to reflect its value and the love and effort that's gone into researching and developing the product.

How do I claim my pre-order perks?

If your pre-order perks require shipping or are linked to a product (i.e. the Flex or Engraving), then they will be fulfilled and shipped together with your order.

If you are entitled to a lesson with Oren - the founder of Rayvox and inventor of the Resono, then you will be emailed a booking calendar link closer to when your products ship. This is to ensure you receive the products and bring them to the lesson (online).

Access to Evita (our new AI tool) and our online community will begin in July. You will receive a separate invitation to access these platforms via email.

I already have a Resono, can I just buy the attachments?

At this time we're not offering the attachments as a separate "Upgrade Package". This may change in the future.

International Orders - Customs Info

If you are placing an order and you live outside of the UK, please make sure you understand your local countries Customs & Duties requirements. This is especially important if you are in the EU.

You can read more about our shipping policies here.