Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer - Paperback Book


The book explores the science behind semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, whilst also diving into the different techniques, sounds, and applications for SOVT. You'll learn why I think using a straw dominates the SOVT exercise domain, with immensely practical techniques that I believe every single teacher, singer, and voice user should use as part of their daily teaching/vocal routine.

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Discover how straw singing can unleash your vocal potential.

SOVT (semi occluded vocal tract) exercises have been used by singing and voice teachers for decades. We know that they work, but we don't always know why... Until now! I've written this book to share with you all I know about Straw Phonation, including the science and theory behind these transformative techniques, my experiments, data, and exercises, as well as my own protocols for selecting the right straw for you. Understanding the why of SOVT will help you answer the important questions of which straw for which singer, when you should use water and what effect it has, and what changing the diameter or length of the straw does for voicing. I've taken care of the science, made it super accessible, so you can start implementing these techniques straight away

Learn everything there is to know about straw singing / SOVT

Learn from award winning expert, Oren Boder

I'm an award winning singing teacher, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. I have a passion for the voice and tech, I adore Musical Theatre, and I love building things. I'm a perpetual learner and always seek out new ways to enrich my mind. I've studied at institutions all over the world, including RCSSD (Vocal Technique), LCM (Teaching Voice), NYVC (Vocal Pedagogy), MDX University (Psychology & Music and Engineering), HarvardX (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence).

I have authored a #1 Amazon "Most Wished For" book on the physics of singing straws, developed new AI tech for singers, and created a new medical device for stoma patients. I was a runner up at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and I hold several pending-patents for my inventions. I'm also an archer and passionate amateur astronomer.

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Jon Harald Tangen
Simple yet effective

The book is small and easy to read, with succinct explanations that get you going and on-board immediately.

Aurel Dumitru

Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer - Paperback Book

Oltjana Kurati

Very helpful product

Joe Souza
Must Read for Singers!

This book feeds the soul of my inner geek like a ten course meal. When I take voice lessons, we always begin with a straw, but I never really asked a lot of questions because of time constraints. I am a person who thrives on knowing every detail of how something works, even though I don't have the most scientific of minds. The information presented in this book is not merely extraordinary, it is skillfully and thoughtfully laid out in a way that makes complete sense. Oren has taken painstaking care to back up each concept with well documented science and physical demonstrations that the reader can replicate if they want. It would be a crime not to also mention the plethora of digital materials which accompany the book, including video demonstrations of exercises as well as a downloadable journal to document your work and progress. To understand exactly how the SOVT straw works and why it has so many benefits makes using it that much more impactful. I refer to the book all the time and am so impressed that I ordered a second copy for my voice teacher. This book is a must read for anyone who uses their voice for more than just conversation and wants to better understand how to sustain, build, strengthen, increase range, and vocal power. The author is undoubtedly one of the world's top authorities on this subject matter. Thank you for writing it and sharing this wisdom.

Dave Holden
Fantastic companion to the SOVT straw!

This book is a fantastic resource, with a balance of science and that all important practical application that teachers are looking for. Superb

Samara Casteallo
Works miracles

I’ve been out of shows for a year, started this a couple of times a week. And I feel like I’m back on track!! Thank you

Jen Scott


Guiomar Hidalgo Vicente

I'm so Happy with your straw. Its amazing


This guide is the ultimate "How To' on how to look after your voice, and develop both STRENGTH and EASE through Straw Phonation.

LI Tze Ming
A good tool for detection of tense of jaw and chest

Different pitch needs abdomen effort adjustment. Blowing the straw is helpful to sense any involvement of muscle of jaw and chest. Therefore, it is a good tool to concentrate attention to relate voice to abdomen effort.