Resono Pro 2.0

Reimagined with new science and new attachments. Redefine vocal training. Pre-Order opens July. Join the waitlist below for early access. 👇

Physics meets voice science

We've run 1000s of simulations exploring the vocal benefits of our devices, and we've built a brand new mathematical model that allows us to accurately determine the back-pressure offered by any configuration of the Resono, singing straw, or regular straw.

Small but MIGHTY

From one small device comes so much power. With our patent-pending design, you get a huge back-pressure range, from 1 cmH2O to 30 cmH2O and beyond.

The graph represents some of our favourite options. There's so many, we couldn't fit them all on.

Revolutionary Resono vs. standard straws

One size does not fit all. Everyone will need a slightly different amount of resistance, meaning a different sized straw. Other singing straws on the market only offer a fixed length and diameter, so they can only offer a single fixed resistance. Our tools offer multi-resistance from a single device, meaning you only need one, and anyone can use it

Trusted by the Pros

Our vocal development tools are used by Singers and Professional Voice Users from over 40 countries around the globe, as well as by Broadway, West End, and Television/Film Stars; from shows like Les Miserable, Wicked, Hamilton, Frozen, Phantom of the Opera, Hadestown, Cabaret, and so many more!


"I used this every day before I went on as Veronica in Heathers!"

Jenna Innes

West End Performer


"This is a game changer for vocal warmup."

Matt Lucas

West End Performer / Comedian


"It is the absolute holy grail to singing... It really helps with the fluidity of voice."

Dean John Wilson

West End Performer


"Thank you for revolutionising my warmup!"

Carrie Hope Fletcher

West End Performer

Sing like never before

Simply incorporate your Resono into your daily vocal training routine, and easily create new habits, build muscle strength, coordination, and efficiency that lasts a lifetime.

You can truly build the voice you want; eliminate voice cracks, achieve better vocal fold closure, avoid strain and vocal tension, improve your breath control, and sustain notes for longer and more efficiently. All from one device.

You can even do it on the train!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Patricia Coker
Welcome present

Bought as Christmas present and well received

Bryant Sylvester

Resono Pro

Bianca L.
I’m very impressed

I am a trained singer with many years of choir, bands, and lessons with different teachers under my belt. However haven’t done any music in about 6 years.

After just having read the book, checking out a few videos, and playing around with the Resono Pro with and without water for 2 days, and I was able to get that laser-focused buzzing resonance in my voice (the one classical and opera singers aim for) that I always had a hard time pinpointing consistently throughout my whole range, even with lessons. I was astonished. I felt as if I hadn’t had a six year break when I tried a song just to see what happened, the sound and feel were incredible. Far more polished that I could have ever hoped for while being so out of practice.

Of course, the technique from past lessons helped, but still, it felt almost miraculous. It’s also really a much-needed boost to my confidence after this time of not singing, which is amazing in itself. I can see it being invaluable for recording and performing.

A tiny issue is that the silicone mouthpiece has casting lines on it from the production mold that are just a bit too big, but if I hold it horizontally with the lines parallel to my lips, then that’s not a big issue. However I hope it’ll be addressed in future production to improve the feel of quality.

All in all, I’d had my eye on this for at least a year and finally took the plunge even though, since I hadn’t been singing for so long, it felt like an extravagance. But I am glad I did! I’m looking forward to working more with it and seeing how my voice returns, strengthens, and improves in a healthy way.

Superb service, quality product

Excellent fast customer service in establishing compatibility and correct product choice.Rapid delivery.

Jon Harald Tangen
Fulfills all my vocal practicing and warmup needs

The straw is easy and comfortable to use, and its high customisability makes it a perfect fit for any vocal day, whether you're in top shape or feeling really off.

simon shorten
Simon Shorten - West End performer

I bought a Resono Pro for my wife who is a vocal coach and we absolutely LOVE it!!

Speedy response times and super friendly customer service for a greta product, couldn’t be happier!

Alexia Khadime
Every singer should have this in their tool box

This is something I never leave the house with out. Between steaming and hydration I would say this is the other must in my tool kit. It’s a great tool for gently stretching the vocals. It sets me up and helps me gain clarity with out having to then do an extensive vocal warm up. Can’t recommend it enough. The different intensities are easy to transition between too


Resono Pro

Fast arrive...

Great super quality. Im very impress. Just amazing...

So happy with this!

I’m so happy with my Resono Pro. It’s great quality and superb design.