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The Resono has been designed by aerospace engineers to help you maximise your vocal development. Available now.

The Resono, explained.

Rayvox founder and Resono inventor, Oren Boder talks you through some of the features of these revolutionary vocal development tools.

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Sing with ease. Recover tired vocal folds. Gain vocal power without straining. Increase vocal range. Reduce vocal fatigue. Achieve faster vocal warmups. Adjust breathing for relaxation. Reduces anxiety. Sing with ease. Recover tired vocal folds. Gain vocal power without straining. Increase vocal range. Reduce vocal fatigue. Achieve faster vocal warmups. Adjust breathing for relaxation. Reduces anxiety.

Trusted by the pros

Our vocal development tools are used by Singers and Professional Voice Users from over 40 countries around the globe, as well as by Broadway, West End, and Television/Film Stars; from shows like Les Miserable, Wicked, Hamilton, Frozen, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and so many more!

How does the Resono work for me?

The Resono has been engineered to enable you to make live moment-to-moment adjustments to the way you train your voice, ensuring you always work with maximum efficiency.

Checkout our older SOVT Straw explainer video which explores how our tools work.

Science in the press

"Straw phonation not only lowered the onset of normal voice, but also elevated the onset of chaotic voice, indicating a better voice economy and voice control. Moreover, the improved phonatory range demonstrated that straw phonation had the potential to prevent voice users who have high voice demand from voice fatigue and vocal damage."

Kang et al., 2018

"We think Semi-occluded Vocal Tract exercises are brill. They have a solid of research behind them and have been helping singers clinically for years. Bringing these into your daily warm up routine, or even more than once per day, will help you to warm that uncooperative little monkey into a beautifully functional instrument in half the time." 

iSingMag, 2016.

"The straw phonation exercise caused positive effects, seen upon voice self-assessment, indicating an easier and better voice upon phonation."

Costa et al., 2011.

"Narrowing the vocal tract increases air pressure above the vocal folds, keeping them slightly separated during phonation and reducing the impact collision force" 


Become a rock-star with our help.

Simply incorporate your Resono into your daily vocal training routine, and easily create new habits, build muscle strength, coordination, and efficiency that lasts a lifetime.

You can truly build the voice you want; eliminate voice cracks, achieve better vocal fold closure, avoid strain and vocal tension, improve your breath control, and sustain notes for longer and more efficiently. All from one device.

Your success stories...

Still not sure how the Resono can benefit you? For World Voice Day 2021 we asked some of our customers to share their honest thoughts about our products.

Watch the video to explore their stories.

Looking to take your vocal training to new heights? Go Pro!

The Resono Pro is the big brother to the standard Resono and offers more resistance options, new features, new attachments, and easier pressure adjustments...

Explore Resono Pro

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews

Brilliant customer service, my order was to be a Christmas present for my son, I had a problem with my initial order and it was sorted out immediately thanks to Oren.

Joe Lundy

I’ve been using a plastic straw with my vocal exercises, and felt some benefits with my air flow and vocal strength. This however brings that to a completely different level! One 5 minute use and I feel the workout of using the SOVT. This is going to be an absolute game changer in my musical career. Thank you RAYVOX :)

Sara Killeen
Amazing tool

This is great for strengthening the vocal cords. Its great quality too and comes with a holder.

Dee Bee

Already transformed my vocal warmup and I can feel my voice getting smoother and stronger.

Paola Di Mauro

It's a present for my son. He absolutely love it.

John Fletcher


Dylan ‘Dielun’ Balgobin
Essential tool for all singers

The Resono is a game changer when it comes to developing, strengthening and continuing one’s singing. I’ve been using it for a week now and while I’ve been using straws for the past 6 months the ability to increase or decrease intensity and pressure is outstanding. I can hear the difference in my recordings and feel the ease of reaching those top notes.
Exceptional customer service as well. My case was damaged in the post and was replaced immediately. I will definitely recommend this company and this instrument to all my singer friends.

Ruzzel Clemeno


A must have for singers

Recommended by our MD. Absolutely brilliant!!

Rylan Beech
Love it

Used this as my introduction to straw phonation technique- been using it as part of my warmup before performances. Actually game changing. Obviously it is part of a wider technique and process but wow wow wow- the way my voice felt that night and the confidence it’s given me moving forward. Thank you!