Voice Journal

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Developed by award winning singing teacher, Oren Boder, internationally renown voice expert, Dr. Gillyanne Kayes, and prize-winning author and vocal coach, Jeremy Fisher.

The Voice Journal is designed to empower you as a singer and performer, help you discover more about your unique voice, and build strong, healthy, and lasting vocal habits and routines.

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Being a vocalist is a lifestyle.

By starting this journal you’re committing to an incredible journey of self-discovery, vocal development, and empowerment. Enjoy the process, elevate your voice, and as always - sleep, sing, slay, repeat!

Your Journal

The dedicated Journal section is all about active work. You’ll define your session aims, set some focus points that span a wide range of developmental categories, then dive in to some amazingly practical work.

We’ve developed 14 tasks to help you deep dive into the story/vibe of a song, develop your vocal delivery, understand rhythm, notes, and range, and to help you reframe and build your performances.

Voice Check-in

Whether you choose to do your journal on a daily basis, every other day, or just a handful of times a week, each time you pick it up you’ll dive straight into a Voice Check-in. It’s a way of keeping grounded with your wellbeing, as well as to externalise how your voice is feeling on any given day. 

Train with intention

Countless studies have shown that journaling has incredible benefits for improving memory function, personal performance, mental health, and productivity.

The Voice Journal provides you with a system to organise your thoughts and practice, track and understand your voice and its changes, and make long-lasting improvements to the way you train your voice and prepare for a performance.

Guided by science

We consulted world-leading pedagogues, authors, voice experts, and vocal coaches, and spent over 500 hours developing a new way of helping you evolve as a performer.

The result is the Voice Journal.

Get voice ready.

Meet The Creators

Get to know the minds behind the Voice Journal.

Oren Boder

Oren is an award winning singing teacher, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. His journey started at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he trained in singing and vocal technique, as well as studying internationally in Holland in collaboration with the London College of Music, and then with New York Vocal Coaching (NYVC). Oren also holds a degree in Psychology, has studied Engineering part-time at Middlesex University, and has countless CPD hours in various fields. 

Oren has authored a #1 Amazon "Most Wished For" book on the physics of singing straws, has several pending-patents for his inventions, and is supported by both the Prince’s Trust and Virgin Startup Programmes. He is also a passionate amateur astronomer and archer. 

Dr. Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher

Dr Gillyanne Kayes is a voice researcher, trainer and singing voice expert, internationally recognised for her insight into function of the singing voice. In her doctoral research Gillyanne investigated acoustic, physiological and perceptual aspects of female voice use in different genres. Her current mission is to influence and inspire vocal trainers to collaborate and grow.

Jeremy Fisher is a national prizewinning collaborative pianist, CPD accredited vocal coach and multiple bestselling author on vocal and performance techniques. He uses a combination of cutting-edge vocal physiology, high-level musicianship and performance intuition to help singers and singing teachers find their own unique voice and style.

Our mission is to help performers be the best they can be, to help teachers understand what they do & to promote excellence in voice training. We’ve published bestselling books, a warmup app (#1 on Google Play) and multiple voice training resources for singers in different genres. Vocal Process, for voices that work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Much better and nicer than I expected!

I thought this would be a kind of “DayTimer Calendar” to keep track of appointments or lessons. But it actually has a substantial amount of helpful material and physical exercises, as well as a way of tracking how your consciousness is supporting you (which is actually way more important).
I also bought a copy for my wife’s birthday next week.

Hannah Howie
Love this product!

Fabulous diary for tracking and checking in with myself and my voice.

Kate A
Looks fantastic!

This looks fantastic and just what I need! I was looking for a planner for singers and found the Voice Journal via Google. I’ve not begun using it yet but I’m looking forward to starting soon.

Debra Dixon
I absolutely love the content

Can’t wait to make full use of this journal. So much valuable content and practice ideas. It’s a game changer.

Unfortunately my elastic band pulled out on my 2nd use of the journal.

stella watson
A great tool!

I have encouraged my students to purchase a SOVT straw and had some fantastic results in lessons including developing vocal range, control and power. I can’t wait to purchase the new journal! Thanks for creating a famous tool!