Resono vs Resono Pro

There are currently 4 products to choose from within our Resono range:

1. Resono

2. Resono Pro

3. Resono Upgrade Kit

4. Resono Flex

See below for more details.

Skill Level

The Resono was designed as an entry level product suitable for all skill levels. There's less complexity as compared to the Pro, yet it retains a good amount of flexibility in terms of function. You can jump in and get started straight away with little knowledge of straw phonation, making it a perfect choice for beginners and anyone looking to get started with SOVT.

The Resono Pro is the feature-rich big brother to the standard Resono. There's a slightly steeper learning curve due to the increased functionality and accessory combos. As standard you get far more resistance capabilities, as well as the ability to dynamically change resistance during a task. This requires good understanding of both straw phonation / SOVT as a whole, as well as your voice. It's prefect if you're a professional singer or you're working with a vocal coach who can guide you.

The Resono Flex has been designed for beginners, people with voice problems, as well as pros alike. There's no prerequisite knowledge required - just bubble away and feel instant results.

Resistance Range

Back-pressure (also known as resistance) is simply the reflections of air and acoustic energy that travel back down the vocal tract toward the top of the vocal folds. This is the awesome physics property behind the "magic" of SOVT. You can get varying amounts of back-pressure / resistance depending on what size/length of straw or SOVT device you use.

The Resono has a variable resistance range of 1 cmH2O - 13 cmH2O. This means you get quite low resistance options as well as mid-to-high resistance all from one device. This is important as you will need to vary the resistance based on your individual and daily needs. There are 12 resistance modes as standard.

The Resono Pro has dynamically variable resistance from 1 cmH2O - 30 cmH2O (technically the resistance can go up and beyond this value, but phonation will not occur due to anatomical limitations). This cmH2O range gives a minimum of 40 different resistance configurations, depending on what attachment you use. It's important to understand the limitations of your voice, as too much resistance isn't always a good thing. Think of it like lifting weights in the GYM. You'll have your comfortable range of weight as well as your challenging weights. You'll also have your impossible weights that if you attept you'll likely strain your body. The same is true for straw phonation - so having an understanding of how your voice works and how resistance impacts your voice is essential for the Pro.

*Note: cmH2O is a common measure of resistance in voice research. 1 cmH2O = 98.0665 Pa = 0.0142233 PSI.

Athletic Vocal Development

Straw phonation can broadly be split into two categories - athletic and therapeutic. Their names pretty much define them.

Using SOVT athletically will give you more of a vocal workout, kind of like taking your voice to the GYM. Typically, athletic SOVT is linked with the level of resistance - or "weight" you apply to your voice. You can "load" your voice with various weight and have a consistent, steady effect whereby you initiate the stopping and starting of the resistance by either phonating or not. It is exactly like doing curls with a dumbell but for the intricate muscles of the voice.

Based on the resistance ranges noted above, the standard Resono will offer you a decent workout, but it'll likely always be somewhere in your comfortable training range. Whereas the Pro will give you much more freedom to choose comfortable workouts, as well as challenge you to train harder in order to build your voice. You also have the ability to dynamically change the "weight" during an exercise if you need to backoff or boost things.

Therapeutic Vocal Development

Using straw singing in a more theraputic sense usually involves lower resistances, but crucially also involves water bubbling. This is because the bubbles cause an alternating pressure wave which in turn generate slight expansion of the vocal tract. You might've heard this be more commonly referred to as the "massage effect". It is quite literally like having an internal massage for the voice which is exceptional for vocal therapy.

You can use both the Resono and Pro with water to generate this effect, however, the Pro has certain features that have been specifically designed to aid with vocal therapy / rehab.

The Resono Flex is our vocal health focused device and it's been designed solely to be used with Water Resistance Voice Training (water bubbling). It's made from silicone, is flexible to help align the head/neck more optimally, and has an integrated mouth-piece for better sealing of the lips.