Sip. Flex. Reflect.

We're keen on helping you take care of your voice, so we created a special Vocal Care Bundle which includes a pack of Vocalitea, a Resono Flex, and a Voice Journal. The ultimate vocal transformation trio.

Discover the secret to vocal clarity.

Vocalitea has been developed by award-winning voice experts and master tea blenders, specifically for professional voice users. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to help you soothe and take care of your voice.

Unlock the full spectrum of your voice.

Your vocal folds vibrate millions times per day. Join over 15,000 voice users who make each vibration easier, safer, and more efficient.

Five Minute Call

A podcast that takes a deep dive into the stories of the people that make theatre happen. Explore lives, experiences, and lessons of the performers, musical directors, agents, casting directors, production teams behind shows like Les Miserable, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, Hadestown, and so many more.

Introduction to SOVT

Explore straw phonation / semi-occluded vocal tract interventions in this freely accessible online workshop, which broadly follows Oren's Amazon best-selling book "Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer". Understand key concepts, whilst learning some vocal exercises and warmups to see immediate results.

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