Resono Flex


The Resono Flex is an all new Water Resistant Voice Training (WRVT) tool, with built in features to help you build a strong, healthy, resilient voice.

Package inc. 1x Resono Flex.

Free Your Voice With Bubbles

Water bubbling technique is a type of semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercise that involves blowing bubbles through a straw submerged in water. It is highly recommended by medical professionals as a recovery and rehabilitation intervention for intricate muscles of the voice. The technique provides bio-visual feedback from the bubbles, allowing you to see your respiratory output and identify when there's either too much or too little effort applied.

Plus, you also get alternating pressure waves from the bubbles, which creates an internal massage for your vocal muscles that helps with recovery and rehabilitation (and is great as a warmup and cool down too).

Sing with ease. Recover tired vocal folds. Gain vocal power without straining. Increase vocal range. Reduce vocal fatigue. Achieve faster vocal warmups. Adjust breathing for relaxation. Reduces anxiety.

Trusted by the Pros

Our vocal development tools are used by Singers and Professional Voice Users from over 40 countries around the globe, as well as by Broadway, West End, and Television/Film Stars; from shows like Les Miserable, Wicked, Hamilton, Frozen, Phantom of the Opera, Hadestown, Cabaret, and so many more!


"It’s an easy way and a mild way for my vocal chords to warm up."

Peter Jöback

West End / Broadway Performer


"I've been doing this before, during, and after the show. I've never lost my voice."

Rachelle Ann Go-Spies

West End Performer


"I’d recommend them to anybody, they’ve been so game changing for me"

Johnny Bishop

West End Performer


"The best warm up tool I've ever tried. It works instantly removing any sort of strain from the throat."

Voice Care Ireland

Vocal Habilitation Specialist Clinic

Sing like never before

Simply incorporate your Resono into your daily vocal training routine, and easily create new habits, build muscle strength, coordination, and efficiency that lasts a lifetime.

You can truly build the voice you want; eliminate voice cracks, achieve better vocal fold closure, avoid strain and vocal tension, improve your breath control, and sustain notes for longer and more efficiently. All from one device.

You can even do it on the train!

Additional Info

Flex Specs

The Resono Flex is made from FDA approved food-grade Silicone. It's flexible, durable, and designed to last. And it's dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 300mm long, c.11mm inner diameter*, c. 20mm outer diameter*, with a 22mm built in mouth piece.

*The Resono Flex isn't perfectly round, so the inner and outer diameters are approximate.

UK Registered Design: #6266698.

Sterilized & Certified for Your Peace of Mind

We're committed to providing safe and reliable vocal training and rehabilitation tools. That's why each Resono Flex comes in a sterilized, individually sealed packet, ensuring maximum hygiene for your vocal training. Plus, our CE certification guarantees quality and compliance with international standards.

Sing with confidence knowing your voice is in good hands.

How do I close the Flex?

From the factory, the Flex will be shipped to you in its open position. This is normal. The Flex has been designed to be fully openable to allow you to clean the entire inside surface fully and prevent any buildup of nasty stuff.

The Flex takes only a few seconds to "click" back together. The action is a one-thumb-over, one-thumb-under kind of technique, ensuring to click the halves together to create a deal.

The process should only take 20-30 seconds. You can find full guides for this in the resources page if your account.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Steve Taylor
Complete loss of singing voice due to Covid!

Singing Straw therapy was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who is a professional singer with two number one’s in the classical album charts!
I lost my voice 7 weeks ago after catching Covid. I have never known anything like it I couldn’t even speak.
I am a professional singer songwriter and it felt to me like I would never sing again!
I purchased the Resono Flex a week ago and use it daily and from a watery gravelly voice I am gradually getting my voice back to something that I recognise as being ‘my voice’
I can strongly recommend it!
Steve Taylor

Janet Blenkarne
Very pleased with my purchase

I did have a great deal of trouble at first “zipping” back up my straw but
once you’ve got the knack all is fine.

Helen Marlow
Great little tool

Very easy to use, with much better flexibility in back-pressure obtainable than my previous (narrower) singing straw. Prompt delivery and have recommended it to all my singing friends! A little fiddly to nip it together, but good to have opening option for cleaning.

Lierni Etxebarria Mondragon
Great Tool

I totally recommend this tool. The opening makes cleaning it thoroughly so much easier than in any other straw of this kind that I have had. The markings on the side are also really helpful to adjust it for different exercises.

N J Taylor
Absolutely Brilliant

This is absolutely fantastic, I have an issue with my throat and am unable to speak. I use the Resono Flex for my speech therapy sessions using water resistance to strengthen my throat muscles. Would highly recommend it's not just good for singers etc

Simon Palmer
Great piece of equipment

Great straw, love the ability to clean it. The zip up can be hard to get the knack of but once you get the hang of it it’s easy. Only slight gripe is that I wish the straw would bend easily in any direction - it only bends ‘sideways’ so the mouthpiece isn’t symmetrical in your mouth. But no biggie ☺️

Resono flex

I've only just started using the resono flex alongside my first resono straw. It's much better for water exercises. I will see how much of an improvement I notice in the coming weeks.

Helped save my voice after losing it!

I can’t live without this.. I completely lost my voice a week before a gig and this helped rehabilitate it and get it safely back and now it’s a guaranteed part of my warmup! Thankyou so much :)

Thanks so much for the kind review. We are so pleased to hear that the Flex is helping you. ❤️

Sharon D
Straws, A Singer’s Saviour 👍🏾

The Flex is a wonderful addition to my collection of SOVT straws.
I love the lip seal, the depth markings and that it is easy to clean, although zipping it back together is a learning curve I’m still on :)
A bag (with a water proof liner?) for storage and travel would have made the package complete.

Thank you for the kind words. The seal definitely gets easier with practice. We also like to use that time to make some positive vocal affirmations whist preparing the Flex for use. So I guess it's a win-win, right? Great suggestion re:waterproof travel bag too - we'll look into that!

Elizabeth Breban
Thumbs up

I love the flexibility of the straw. I love how it can be thoroughly cleaned. At first it was a little tricky putting it together but I’ve now got the hang of it. What would have been nice is if it came with a drawstring bag to keep it in and to take it out and about to gigs.

Thank you so much for the kind review, we're so glad you're enjoying it. And thank you for the suggestion re:bag - we'll explore this.