I've wanted to create my own original music for the last 15 years and I've finally done it!

I've wanted to create my own original music for the last 15 years and I've finally done it!

I've wanted to create my own original music for the last 15 years and I've finally done it!

I've wanted to create my own original music for the last 15 years and I've finally done it! This is a story I've wanted to tell because I'm so incredibly excited by the journey I've been on unknowingly for the last 15 years...

For as long as I can remember I've played around with GarageBand on my computer, though never generating anything worthwhile. I can vividly remember making a song way back in Year 8 (7th Grade in the US) with a classmate of mine on some very old computers in a tiny music studio at our school. I'mma be completely up front and say it was probably the worst musical composition in existence, but it was so much fun to explore, compose, and produce, and it's why to this day I can remember everything about that moment - the room with its terrible deep blue office floor tile carpets as soundproofing on the walls, the crumbling old upright piano that had a distinctively broken D2, and of course the gigantic computer that consumed more space than two nerdy teenagers, a piano, and chairs did combined... But the experience it did spark something in me that I would only realise over 15 years later (foreshadowing!).

Unfortunately, at the time I knew very little about music, and my studies and life took a decidedly different turn. Fast forward a few years and I'm at college studying graphic design and psychology (what a mix), then a few more years and I'm studying psychology at Uni alongside training as a singer and voice teacher, whilst also studying extra curricular engineering - and sometimes skipping my psych lectures to drop into the engineering ones (🤷🏻‍♂️).

Jump ahead a little more, and I decided to make free vocal exercise and warmup tracks alongside my other businesses, which you can now also get on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. And it was here that my initial spark of joy and giddiness for music production was reseeded - the very same spark I had all those years ago from that diabolical song I made at school. I've ALWAYS wanted to produce music - I've just never had the tools, knowledge, or skills to do so until now.

So, after that probably unnecessarily long contextual backstory, I am incredibly excited to share that I have produced my very own 10 piece Suite entitled "Journey To The Stars", as well as a few other tracks: "Siege" and "Entwined Summer", and I've started a brand new YouTube channel to share my work on as well (incase you fancy subscribing to follow my releases). 


Journey To The Stars is a suite of 10 original musical pieces which depict humanity's journey from a home planet bound for disaster to the challenges and wonders of becoming a space faring civilisation. The piece incorporates solo piano, traditional orchestral instruments, as well as synthesised sounds in order to deliver the breadth of emotion, tone, and texture imagined for a journey of such grandeur. 


Siege is a short form epic fantasy / Dragonborn orchestral piece depicting a battle between a great dragon and small citadel. The piece has been produced under a Royalty-Free Licence, allowing anyone to reuse the work for any purpose (even commercially) at absolutely no cost. Basically, I just really want to hear my music in an awesome fantasy scene in a film/movie/short. That would be cool (hint, hint). 


This original piano piece depicts what I "hear" when I encounter the beauty of bioluminescence.


My music is an expression of all the stories that happen in my head, all the wonder and awe I have for our Universe, and everywhere in-between. I have many more ideas and tracks to come, which span vastly between fully epic orchestral pieces, to solo piano, to 80's synthwave, and more. It's like my brain has just unlocked all the video-game upgrades and I'm SO excited to share my new music with everyone.

If you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me and for being a part of my journey. I'd LOVE if you would subscribe to my new channel and leave a comment with your thoughts on my new music. 😊

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