Voice Monday: 49 - Editorial

Words by: Oren Boder



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I have loved Musical Theatre for as long as I can remember, not just for the enjoyment of being immersed in a new world for two and a half hours, but for the community - the spirit and passion of all its patrons, you, and the creatives who build such beautiful stories. I feel enriched and empowered by all your joy for this industry, and I wanted to do something special to celebrate you, us, and all those within our incredibly artsy bubble…

For the last year or so my company, Rayvox, has been publishing a free digital newsletter - ‘Voice Monday’, which is now loved by over 14,000 readers every single week. We curate the very best articles and explore performance, singing, and artistic mastery, providing insights, stories, and inspirations from the vibrant world of music, performing arts, and beyond.

Today, as we celebrate the world of Musical Theatre here at MusicalCon 2023, we decided to do something special and transform our Voice Monday into a physical tabloid, with articles written by some of the industries most wonderful performers, teachers, and thinkers. Within this special edition you’ll find vocal care tips by current Elphaba, Alexia Khadime, advice for the best audition songs by prize-winning author and vocal pedagogue, Jeremy Fisher, to a brilliant article about reframing your performance and practice with “3 Good Things”, written by the West Ends most wonderful vocal coach, Claire Underwood. We have thoughts on the benefits of performance exams written by a LAMDA examiner, Georgina Hart, an analysis of why you forget lyrics and how to fix it by coach, Hannah Howie, insights into how movement can boost performances by Chris Johnson, some thoughts on ADHD by Stephen King, as well as tips to release tension in your voice by influencer Lara Chapman, and finally an article about singing straws, written by me (obvs).

I truly hope you enjoy reading, and if you do, please don’t forget to signup to our free digital version too. It’ll be your weekly dose of articles, resources, and voice tips to help get you inspired, master and love your voice, and unleash your vocal potential.

Oren Boder

Oren is the founder of Rayvox, entrepreneur, and award-winning vocal coach.