Clean, Zip, Sing.

Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines! Our Resono Flex features an ingenious zip mechanism that allows you to easily open, clean, and close your vocal tool. Just unzip, give it a quick scrub, and you'll be ready to hit those high notes in no time.

Bend the rules.

The Resono Flex is designed to be flexible, bendable, and perfectly adaptable to your unique vocal needs. Made with durable, food-grade silicone, this versatile tool can twist and turn without losing its effectiveness.

Pro Ready, Beginner Friendly.

No prerequsites needed - you will literally see your airflow in the bubbles, feel the pressure waves in the vocal tract, and see your cheeks flutter!

Seal the Deal with Every Note

Our uniquely designed mouthpiece creates the perfect seal for your lips, ensuring you have total control over your vocal tract oscillation, enabling the therapeutic "massage effect" for vocal muscles.

With the Resono Flex, you will literally feel your entire vocal tract (including your cheeks) oscillate / pulsate with the alternating pressure provided by the device - that means it's working to unlock the true potential of your voice.

Dive Deep into Vocal Perfection

Take the plunge with our Resono Flex's depth markings! Whether you're a shallow dipper or a deep diver, our precise indicators make it easy to find the ideal water level (and resistance) for your vocal training.

Find your sweet spot and let your voice soar.

Bubble your way to vocal freedom!

Water bubbling technique is a type of semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercise that involves blowing bubbles through a straw submerged in water. It is highly recommended by medical professionals as a recovery and rehabilitation intervention for intricate muscles of the voice. The technique provides bio-visual feedback from the bubbles, allowing you to see your respiratory output and identify when there's either too much or too little effort applied.

Plus, you also get alternating pressure waves from the bubbles, which creates an internal massage for your vocal muscles that helps with recovery and rehabilitation (and is great as a warmup and cool down too).

Explore The Flex

Rayvox founder and Resono inventor, Oren Boder talks you through some of the features of these revolutionary vocal development tools.

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