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Vocal Exercise To Improve Your Chest Voice

Vocal Exercise To Improve Your Chest Voice

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We've put together an awesome 2 minute vocal exercise to help you isolate and train your "chest voice". We're using small intervals to help create a strong, resonant sound within the register. The aim is for a relatively dark sound. and because of the small interval, this exercise will also help you train your vibrato too.


🗣️ "Ah" Vowel

🎹 1-2-1-2-1

So what's actually going on in this vocal exercise?

To start with, when we want to sing in a "chest voice", generally the "body" and "cover" layers of the vocal folds are active and engaged and there's a good amount of TA activation. Now, when we sing on an "Ah" vowel, we're generating more openness, with slightly thicker vocal folds overall - which helps to promote the mechanical qualities needed for the "chest voice" mechanism. Couple that with the small interval pattern, and we just gently get the vocal folds to change their vibration, whilst preventing the vocal folds from stretching out too much too quickly, helping them maintain the optimal setup for chest voice training. 

Pro tips for singing the "Ah" vowel:

When singing the "Ah" vowel in this vocal exercise, it's important to let the jaw and tongue be neutral and relaxed. We really don't want to be adding any additional tension into the system, as this might over press the vocal folds. You can ensure you maintain good jaw position by placing your index finger between your teeth to use as a "spacer".

The idea is, if you have bite marks on your finger... You've got too much tension. Your finger should rest gently between your teeth, ensuring contact throughout the exercise from both your bottom and top teeth, without clamping down. Once you're used to this setup, you can begin to lessen the amount of time your finger stays between your teeth, overtime using it as only a "checkin" technique to remind yourself of how everything should feel. 

Another thing to note, you don't want to "swallow" the sounds or let them get trapped in the throat either - your really aiming for an open sound, with a wider internal sensation, whilst allowing the sounds to project forward and out of the mouth.


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