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How Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer

How Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer

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Learn the revolutionary singing straw vocal training technique that's taking the industry by storm. Instant results, completely free.

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You may have already heard of "SOVT", "straw phonation", or "singing straws", but did you know that the size of straw and what types of sounds you use can make a huge difference to the benefits it can provide? Studies show that the amount of back-pressure you receive from your singing straw is directly proportional to its diameter and length, and must match glottal impedance for the most optimal singing environment. What that then means is that if you use an SOVT straw that doesn't offer the right amount of resistance for your voice, you won't be training as efficiently as if you choose the perfect straw.

In addition to this, when you change pitch or vocal task, you will also change the impedance of the vocal folds... So yes, you guessed it... The resistance requirements of your singing straw will need to change throughout your task! As an example, sometimes you might need to add more resistance as you sing higher in your range. 

Everyone is anatomically unique, everyone has slight variations in vocal fold length, lung capacity, mouth and vocal tract shapes/sizes, etc. These factors all dictate how much resistance you'll need from your SOVT Straw too. PLUS, the types of exercises and piano patterns you use with your straw will all do slightly different things and offer slightly different benefits. 

It's crazy to think that something as simple as a straw can modify your vocal efficiency to such a degree, but it truly really works. There's some incredible science to backup these ideas, as well as some amazing tools and techniques that we're developing to help singers maximise the benefits of straw phonation. 

What's more is that I want to share these discoveries and techniques with you, completely free. I'm hosting a weekly workshop - How Singing Through A Straw Can Make You An Awesome Singer, where I will teach you the necessary secrets behind this revolutionary technique to help you optimise your voice, sing with ease, recover tired voices, and gain vocal power without straining. If you're a singer, vocalist, professional voice user, public speaker, or teacher, then you need to know about this technique.

In this workshop, you will guided through the very best vocal exercises using singing straws to help you begin to efficiently prepare your voice for professional use. It's the very same technique that we've been teaching for years to West End and Broadway professionals, with incredible results - and you can learn it for free, no catches.

We just love teaching this technique, and we want you to enrich your vocal development!

There sessions are:

🕚 1 hour

💻 Online via Zoom

💰 Completely FREE

There are limited spaces available per event, and the first 3 weeks have already sold out, so make sure you get in quick. We will release new dates every week.

Honestly, if you want to change your life and experience training your voice in a revolutionary way, you should really come along!


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