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Daily Singing Warmup For Straw Phonation (Any Singing/SOVT Straw)

Daily Singing Warmup For Straw Phonation (Any Singing/SOVT Straw)

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I often get asked if I have any go to daily vocal exercises for Straw Phonation / Straw Singing... And the short answer is yes! So if you use singing straws for vocal training, but not sure what daily singing warmup routines are best - watch the video or carry on reading. 

I've put together a really simple go-to daily vocal warmup that you can use to train your voice. It's quick, efficient, and only takes a few minutes. This routine is designed to get your respiratory system and core muscles engaged, then stretch out the voice and explore range, before jumping into some more complex vocal warmup patterns. Singers, voice teachers, and professional speakers will benefit from this easy routine.

Naturally, you're going to need some kind of SOVT or singing straw for this, so make sure you have one ready. You can get your SOVT Straw here. However, if you're using a regular straw, make sure it offers the right resistance for your voice. We cover how to test this in some of our other YouTube videos

As a disclaimer, if you're working through the video and an exercise is slightly too high or too low for your voice, that's totally fine. Just sing the bits you're comfortable with and rest on all the other parts.

4 Awesome Straw Phonation Exercises

This exercise is a great way of feeling all the core and chest muscles that you use in varying degrees when you sing, which helps you warm them up and get the body engaged. We'll be working through bursts of breath with two different patterns - 4xBurst followed by a 2xSustained.

The 4 bursts are quick and snappy. You're releasing your muscles in-between so you allow air to flow back in before the next burst, but you're not necessarily FORCING the air in. The 2 longer breaths are to help you feel abdominal movement and chest expansion. You can do this in one breath if that's easier.

Start the exercise unvoiced first, so that means no sound (aside from the airflow) - no pitch. Move through the routine a few times, then switch to voiced, which can be on a fricative-esque sound, but through the straw. Just choose a comfortable pitch for now, nothing too extreme.

To note: this exercise is exclusively utilising Pure Straw Technique, which means the singing straw / SOVT Straw end is not in water, it's open to air. This is super important, as if you do this exercise with your straw in water, you'll actually change the way it works and you'll power too much momentary resistance through the device, which is not ideal for the moment. 

Pitch Glides are a great way to train the voice, especially when using a straw, as they help to smooth over your register break to encourage really blended transitions. The added benefit of variably elongating the vocal tract when using our specialised SOVT Straw allows you to also control where your break falls within your range. You can lengthen and shorten your SOVT Straw to reposition your break, allowing you to train super efficiently over the notes that would've been your break normally - this helps to build strength and coordination within your voice!

With your singing straw in place, all you need to do is slide up and down your range, making sure you move through and connect all your notes together. At first, start with your comfortable range, and once you get used to how it all feels, you can start to move slightly higher and lower, exploring where those troublesome notes fall.

Do this for about a minute or two and really feel how your voice moves across your range. As you're gliding, notice if there are any notes that feel less smooth and less balanced, then try using a straw configuration that offers a different level of resistance to help you smooth things over. Remember, with an SOVT Straw you can dynamically change resistance mid-task, so you can always optimise your vocal environment as you're training!

We're now going to start getting more complex with the vocal exercises, so for this vocal exercise we'll be using a 1-3-5-8-5-3-1 pattern. This is such a great pattern for building on the work we've started with pitch glides, helping to smooth over your transitions, but now with a more targeted sequence of notes. Plus, it really helps to stretch out the voice.

By stretching the voice up to the octave, we allow for the efficiency of the straw singing to help us control and navigate the height, whilst also maintaining stability of note production. The movement is the 3rd and 5th allows for nice incremental stepping stones to help us get to the full octave stretch.

We're going to pick up the pace a bit and move faster across our range with a 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 pattern, then at the end, we're just going to bounce back up to the fifth for a final stretch. This is great for building in some vocal agility too. This'll help you to smooth over your break, build vocal strength over time, and sing with ease!


SOVT STRAW for Singers and Vocalists

SOVT STRAW for Singers and Vocalists


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